Our Culture

Our culture has been our way of life for centuries. It is how our ancestors lived for centuries. It is about our language; how we dresses; how we celebrate holidays; what and how we prepare for our meals; how we build our houses, and decorated our rooms. In general, our culture is how we lived or how our ancestors lived.

This is an example of typical traditional Harari living room. It is more like a living museum than an actual residence. The architect of these houses are uniquely Harar. They may have some resemblance to certain coastal architect in the surrounding countries. However, the interior design and decors, the layout of each houses are unique and can only be found in Harar.

If you pay attention and looked at the wall of the living room at the previous column, you would notice that the two items above are a small fraction of what is on that picture. Harari women have been weaving baskets as far back as the founding of the city. It is true historically, basket weaving can be found across countless cultures. Even though, each and every culture have their unique finished baskets; Hararis traditional baskets are steps above the rest. Yes, this might be a biased opinion; however, one only has to look at Harar's very detailed, colorful, patterns on each basket to understand their superiority in workmanship, quality and pattern design.

The unique colorful tradition of Hararis is not limited to traditional housing, and or basket weaving; it also extends to daily life of Hararis. In the above picture, it is not difficult to see the well designed pattern and color on the clothings and jeweleries, that is worn for special occasions like wedding.