Afocha is a Harari word meaning friendship. In Harari, it is a customary institution that maintains self-rule, cooperation and maintenance. Accordingly, the main purpose of our አፎቻ is homologous to the basic tenet of አፎቻ as our forefathers practiced for centuries.

Our Mission Statement:

  • To promote, advance and to nurture fundamental AFOCHA traditional values through un-wavering support, total commitment, and common goal.
  • Collectively to work together without ant reservations to attain the stated goals and objectives.
  • To preserve and to pass on noble traditional Afocha values to our next generation.
  • Organization objective

  • The fundamental organizational objective is to provide proper Islamic burial service to all active members through stablished Islamic Mortuary services.
  • To minimize the staggering Burial cost through member based financial support and participation.
  • To facilitate and to assist in a completions of all necessery paperwork in accordance to laws and regulations of mortuary and summitry service providers.
  • To provide a moral, spiritual support and to consul families during mourning period
  • To conclude the mourning process in accordance to our social traditions by completing recitation of our holly “Quran”.