Our Custom & Traditions

We Hararis have unique cultural traditions that is choke-full of customs celebrating life. Events like celebrating weddings, or religious holidays, and even funerals including mourning and burying the deceased are undertaken in uniquely Harari custom.

Our History

Harar remained independent for better part of its relatively long history. We are always grateful to the Emirs, Amirs, Sultans, and rulers who played significant role in keeping the city independent for better part of its long history. You can read up more here.

Our Traditional Associations

We, Hararis have a well established tradition of community associations. Afocha is the most important and uniquely a Harari social institution whose primary function is members helping other members during inescapable life events. Beside Afocha, there are also various types of traditional community associations in Harari society. You can read up more here.

So, what do we do?

 The main concern of this association is helping members in arranging funeral services when a loved one departed this world. The service covers costs for a Islamic burial—the same way how our ancestors performed it for centuries in Harar, or elsewhere; as it is outlined in our Quran and Hadith. All burial expenses are covered from the general fund, generated by collecting membership fees.


Our association like any other association has rules and guidelines. The rules can be located in the members only blog area. If you have any questions about membership, or dues or require additional information you can always contact the association administrator using contact form.


Community updates: Activities; meetings, funerals, or other announcement related to the Afocha will be made available on blog; which can only be accessed by members of the community. Beside the blog, we will also email all activities. However, you need to be a member to view blog entries or receive emails.